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In many parts of the country, electricity supply from the grid is often insufficient resulting in frequent power outages that have a negative economic impact on the business sector. Industrial manufacturers, resorts, mining, farms and others that rely on a stable power supply for critical applications often make use of diesel generators as a back-up to keep operations up and running.


Microgrids offer a more sustainable and reliable distributed energy system that is easy to operate and maintain, while improving energy availability, reducing costs and CO2 footprint.

Energy costs

Micro grids provide a lower Levelised Costs of Energy (LCOE) due to lower energy generation costs, reducing diesel/gas fuel use and reducing demand charges during peak hours


The availability and reliability of the power supply is fully under your control. Power outages and fluctuations are prevented. Operational performance and thereby profitability is maximised.

Quality of supply

Improved quality of energy supply leads to lower maintenance and replacement costs of equipment used in the facility. Steady voltage supply reduces wear on electrical equipment and ensures optimum performance.