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We provide modular, scalable microgrid solutions, designed and installed to meet your exact needs.

Improve reliability

Power outages cost over $70 billion annually in Australia alone. When keeping the power on 24/7 is an absolute must, a microgrid provides the assurance you need. Microgrids deliver the ability to use solar, wind, diesel generators and other distributed energy resources (DER) to keep your operations running when the main grid is interrupted or goes down. Advanced energy management technology can predict threats to the grid system from incoming storms or other disruptions, and then automatically switch your facility to the microgrid.

Renewable energy

Sustainable energy might be on your list of priorities, or not. Eitherway, a microgrid can help you reach your goals.


Microgrids help you take advantage of national and state incentive programs, grants and other subsidies to reduce your expenditure in ways that are not available to businesses without microgrid infrastructure. 

Microgrids reduce your carbon footprint and can assist in the green promotion of your business.

Last, but certainly not least, for most businesses renewable energy has developed to a point where it is more cost effective than traditional energy generation methods.

Optimise Energy use

Microgrids allow you to optimise the energy use and generation within your facility. It can make use of your energy resources to optimise your production or even participate in grid opportunities which can generate additional income streams. The ultimate strength of a microgrid lies in its abilities to fully harness the power of your energy.

Reduce business risk  

Walnut Energy microgrids combine your existing infrastructure and equipment with newly added generation and energy storage systems.

Together with our selected partners we deliver solutions which eliminate or reduce maintenance and operational costs, lower overall energy costs, improve the predictability of energy costs, make optimum use of incentive programs and grants, can provide these with limited capital expenditure upfront, improved reliability and increased use of renewable energy.