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Sydney Office: +61 2 8542 4991



Headquartered in Sydney, Walnut Energy operates throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. Working with respected partners such as Samsung SDI, SunGrow and Narada Power Source, boasting over three decades of success and growth, the organisation is focused on the delivery of industrial energy systems throughout the region.


Our broad client base demonstrates the quality of our work and includes factories, mining, local island communities,  farms, hotels, resorts, urban developments and more commercial & industrial property developers.

By choosing Walnut Energy as their partner, our clients know they are working alongside an organisation with optimised corporate performance and accountability practices. As a private company we have in place structures, policies and procedures that have been developed to ensure that operations are founded on the core principles advocated by the ASX Corporate Governance Council.

We have developed a strong operating platform from which we can pursue our strengths and competitive advantage to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. This is supported by a healthy balance sheet, balanced core business and a team of committed and determined employees that provide stability to our clients throughout the life of a project.

Our ability to effectively deliver many types of projects through a variety of methodologies is underpinned by our core value of working together with our clients.


At Walnut Energy we acknowledge that while the end product is important, the journey forms a significant part of the overall success of a project. Our team of expert professionals has the tenacity and technical ability to tackle complex projects, and a genuine desire to understand and work with our clients and stakeholders to realise their vision. Through these achievements, our teams have built a reputation for excellence and world-class innovation.

Our teams are known for their open and proactive approach and are committed to the principles of collaborative contracting. We understand for our clients the delivery journey is as important as the final product. Each Walnut Energy team is defined by the project they are delivering and teams are selected on a best-fit-basis.


Walnut Energy has the resources to appoint the right people for each project based on technical skills and the role they will play within the broader team. From the initial assessment stage, we involve nominated team members – chosen specifically for the best fit of skills and character to the client’s project ensuring consistent and expert guidance from the start.


We are fortunate to have access to a pool of talented people, across all levels of staff, from Senior Management to our contractors who bring experience in all market sectors. Our core team specialise in key areas such as planning, design, engineering services, quality assurance and environmental management. Ongoing training and development programs keep our staff skills at the forefront of industry best practice, essential to successful project outcomes.