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"We develop Micro Grid solutions because going small can solve big problems."

Around Australia, Asia and the rest of the world our energy needs are growing and changing rapidly.

Traditionally the approach has been for governments or utilities to build ever bigger power stations in one place and then run bigger cables to where the energy is needed. This results in huge waste due to losses, inefficiencies and drastically increases costs. All of this is eventually passed on to the energy user and the wider environment.

"Today's energy networks are no longer suited to today's energy needs."


Micro grids allow for rapid development of local energy infrastructure, reduce costs and improve reliability.

Local micro grids working within  the greater national networks are the way of the future.

At Walnut Energy we work together with local and international partners to develop micro grids for commercial and industrial clients. Our team has the engineering and manufacturing capability to ensure your project succeeds and benefits your organisation for years to come.

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+61 2 8542 4991

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